“I have struggled with weight my whole life. I  tried many diet fads only to put weight back on when I am done. In 2015 I started crossfit but still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted with my weight and body composition.

When Salute Nutrition did their kickoff in 2016, I joined the very 1st 8 week challenge. I started off at 175.5 pounds, body fat at 29.5% and visceral fat level at 9. Over the course of a year,  I learned how to track macros,  eat more food,  eat the right foods to fuel my body,  and even how to still enjoy the things I love (in moderation).

In 2017, I reached my 1st goal of being under 20% body fat!! I had lost a total of 22.4 pounds of fat while gaining muscle. My visceral fat level dropped to 5!! I have now moved on to a build phase with Salute so I can continue to reach my goals of building more lean muscle and hitting PR’s with my Wods and lifts. I have never seen so much muscle definition in my body. At 36 years old,  I am the fittest I have ever been. 

This is a lifestyle change for me,  not a quick fix or a fad. It takes hard work and dedication but all you have to do is listen to the coaches and set some type of goal to focus on.  Natalie and Talia are awesome coaches who understand life happens and will help push you through it. They are 100% supportive and are always there when you need them.  I am so thankful to be their client but I also consider them my friends!” ~Bekah

In-progress pics included.